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PowerBar Recovery 2.0 (88g)

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Make the most of your training! To support ideal regeneration, RECOVERY 2.0 has been designed based on current sports nutrition knowledge and combines high glycaemic carbohydrates to refill your energy tanks (glycogen stores) with protein to support your muscle maintenance. To support the immune system we added zinc and against fatigue we added magnesium. We place a great deal of importance on using premium quality ingredients such as whey protein, oat flour and natural flavours. You won´t find any antioxidant vitamins in this shake as recent study results suggest, they might hinder your body´s training adaptations.
Naturally RECOVERY 2.0 does without stabilizer, thickener or preservatives! 

  • Following latest sports nutrition insights
  • Premium whey protein. Protein to support muscle growth & maintenance 
  • High glycaemic carbohydrates (like maltodextrin from corn) and high quality oat flour 
  • With natural flavours - No preservatives, sweetener*, stabilizer or thickener (* by law)
  • With zinc to support the normal function of the immune system 
  • With magnesium to support a reduction of fatigue 
  • No antioxidant vitamins
  • Refreshing in taste and texture, easily dissolved in water
  • Low in lactose (flavour Raspberry Cooler)