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Speedo Centre Snorkel

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The Centre Snorkel reduces head movement which allows you to focus on technique and positioning.

Improve your body alignment
Correct body alignment will reduce drag, increase speed and improve stroke efficiency. The Centre Snorkel allows you to breathe constantly without altering your head position, helping you to align your head and spine and to keep your lower body higher up in the water.

Focus on technique
Side breathing can alter your body position which impacts on your stroke's efficiency. The Centre Snorkel eliminates the need to turn your head to breathe, which gives you the opportunity to focus on your kick or stroke technique. The Centre Snorkel also means you may have a longer period of time under the water to check your hand pathways.

Want to use a training aid to help improve your swimming technique and work on your body alignment? Our video below will help you get to grips with using a centre snorkel and features tips from our elite swim coach on training methods and basic techniques.