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Women's Body Glide - Anti Chafing Balm

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Body Glide is the perfect skin protection balm for women and ideal for everyday work, travel & fitness activities including running. The balm is designed to protect you from chafing & skin irratation where clothing comes into close contact with skin.


  • Glides on easy and is not wet or oily
  • The ingredients are natural, plant-based. No lanolin or animal products. No animal testing. No mineral oil or petroleum (petrolatum) that ruins clothing or wetsuits
  • The Body Glide formula stays where you apply it and for hours offering protection from rubbing, chafing, blisters and torn skin
  • Is water resistant and Neoprene safe
  • Contains Vitamin F Forte helping to keep skin soft and moisturised
  • Ideal for protecting yourself from bra/sport bra straps irratation
  • Ideal for those sensitive areas where undergarments could cause chafing and irratation especially when running
  • Ideal for running. Saves feet from blisters, runner's nipple, and chafing in the thighs